NeJAA Show Rules 


1. Exhibitors must be members of the NeJAA, and must be between the ages of 8-21 as of January 1 of the current year. Junior membership shall be issued only to an individual and shall expire upon attainment of age 21. Participation is acceptable through the calendar year of the individual's 21st birthday. 

2. Animals must be registered in the name of the exhibitor. 

3. Eligibility of entries will be determined by age and the National Angus Association show classification. 

4. Exhibitors in the bred-and-owned categories must be the breeder and first and continuous owner of the animal entered. 

5. Exhibitors may show up to four entries in the owned heifer category and up to four entries in the steer category. They may also show as many bred-and-owned bulls, bred-and-owned heifers, and cow-calf pairs as they wish. 

6. Original registration certificates must be presented at check-in. All tattoos must be legible. 

7. The show will be blow and go. 

8. The ownership deadline for the State Angus Show shall coincide with the National Junior Angus Show. 


1. The classes will be the same as recommended by the National Junior Angus Association. There will be classes for bred-and-owned heifers, bred-and-owned bulls, owned heifers, registered steers, bred and owned registered steers, cow/calf pairs, bred and owned cow/calf pairs, and predominately black hided crossbred steers and heifers. There must be at least 5 or more head to have a separate bred and owned division. 

2. There will be an additional class for best pair of heifers. 

3. There will be a Supreme Champion selected from the Champion Owned and Bred-and-Owned Heifers, Cow-Calf Pairs, and Bulls. 


1. Showmanship classes will be divided according to age as of January 1, of the current year following the National Junior Angus Association's age divisions for contests. The Junior Division - 13 and under, Intermediate Division - 14-17, and Senior Division -18 thru age 21. To be eligible for showmanship contest, participants must be exhibiting an animal at the show. 

2. Two contestants will be selected to represent Nebraska at the National Junior Angus Show from a special class at the State Junior Angus show. In order to represent Nebraska at the National Showmanship contest the exhibitor must be a Junior or Life Member of the Nebraska and American Angus Association, an active member of the Nebraska Junior Angus Association (active member being defined as having participated in state, regional, or national Angus shows/activities in one of the past two years, current year excluded). Contestants by entering agree to abide by the Nebraska Junior Angus Association and National Junior Angus Association rules. The showmanship contest for nationals will be ran by the National Junior Angus Association Showmanship Contest rules. 


1. The entry fees will be determined by the show committee for that year's show and the exhibitor must be a current member of the NeJAA. 


(For Registered Angus Classes Only) 

Grand Champion Animal 10 points 

Reserve Champion Animal 8 points 

Champion Showman 8 points 

Reserve Champion Showman 7 points 

1st Place in Class 7 points 

2nd Place in Class 6 points 

3rd Place in Class 5 points 

4th Place in Class 4 points 

5th Place in Class 3 points 

Exhibitor Award 1 point